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Egg Donation

Fertility Link is an egg donation agency dedicated to educating, supporting, matching and monitoring Intended Parents and Donors as they move through the journey toward creating families. We are the link between donors and recipients, we are not a medical program, IVF clinic or legal firm nor are we acting in a mental health capacity, however we work with the country’s leading practitioners in third party reproduction to facilitate a seamless experience throughout the egg donation process.

We work with ALL Intended Parents regardless of martial status or sexual orientation and welcome IP’s from around the globe. We encourage you to register to view our donor database. Our donors are diverse group of intelligent, attractive, responsible women who represent the ethnicities and attributes IP’s value.

Words can not express how grateful I am to our egg donor. Waiting so long to be a mother made me question if it was worth it. There is absolutely no question. Our donor gave us the happiest days of our lives.
~Lori, SC

Becoming A Donor

For women who are looking to become donors, we encourage you to learn about Fertility Link and what it takes to be an egg donor. It is our goal to provide our donor candidates the highest level of education about the egg donation process and understanding of what it means to be a donor so they may weigh the risks and rewards of egg donation to make the right decision. Once the screening process is complete, we endeavor to match all donors with Intended Parents.

Our priority is providing the highest level of communication and service to our recipients and donors.

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