At Fertility Link we want you to know, if you are an Intended Parent, WE GET YOU! We’ve been through infertility, the highs and lows of what seemed like endless IVF cycles, digesting the news when we got a definitive answer that we couldn’t conceive on our own, the tough decision to find an egg donor, and then having to search through (what seemed like hundreds) of donor profiles to find one right donor. We can honestly say, it was one of the most difficult periods of our lives and was challenging on so many levels.

But now we’re on the other side of what felt like a storm, where it’s sunny and bright; and we want our clients to feel the same way at the beginning of the process, like the future of their family is back in their control. We were so grateful to have the option to go down the egg donor path, and believe there should be no stigma attached to the process or the lives created and enhanced through third party reproduction. And, as importantly, appreciate the power, conviction and compassion of egg donors that make families happen. Parents of children created from egg donation are eternally thankful and appreciative of the gifts egg donors provide.

Having been the recipient of donated eggs, we want our donors to be the most informed about their decision to donate. We want donors to feel the highest level of appreciation and receive the best medical care; and we ensure this by maintaining constant communication through listening to our respected donors.

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