It feels so good to help people who were always meant to become parents

I provided a LIFE-CHANGING gift to a family who really needs my help.

This makes sense on so many levels. I feel empowered as a woman!

Becoming an Egg Donor

This is a highly personal mission for us at Fertility Link to enlighten, educate, and if the situation is right for you, encourage you to read on and participate in our program. Egg donors enable families to happen and we appreciate your interest, time and attention to checking us out.

A few things have happened culturally in the last 20 years that make egg donation more valuable and necessary than ever. There’s been a cultural shift, women in their 20’s and 30’s have become more educated and career-driven (which is awesome). They are putting off family building as they forge their career paths or pursue other lifestyle goals. However, this delay creates challenges for women looking to have children, the statistics show after age 35 it is progressively difficult to get pregnant. This is the predominant reason why female intended parents need egg donors and why you are so important!

Other reasons women and families may be seeking egg donors is if the female is a known carrier of genetic disease or has a family history of genetic disease; women who have been diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR); women who have been diagnosed with cancer and the treatments have adversely affected their fertility. Of course, at Fertility Link we are also delighted to work with single men and gay couples who will rely on both a gestational carrier and an egg donor for family building.

You are the key to creating families; your eggs are going to intended parents who are typically highly educated and successful nonetheless time is against them. You are a life-changing force, transforming lives. Because the typical egg donation process is anonymous, egg donors never meet these loving families, but you cannot discount the appreciation, respect and utter indebtedness they feel towards their donor. You have the power to make this super-personal gift happen.

Who are Fertility Link Donors?

Fertility Link donors are intelligent, sophisticated, educated, women who leverage their natural gift to help couples build their families.

They are a set of diverse, creative and motivated women who have evaluated the risks and rewards of egg donation and chosen this selfless act. They are responsible, trustworthy, and caring women who are committed to the donor medical protocols and required appointments, they manage their time and are reliable.

Worried About the Unknowns?

Follow the journey of a four-time egg donor in our blog series “The Egg Donor Experience. Kate walks you through her thought process and tells it like it is. Check it out >

Words can not express how grateful I am to our egg donor. Waiting so long to be a mother made me question if it was worth it. There is absolutely no question. Our donor gave us the happiest days of our lives.

~Lori, SC

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