Below are the costs to “Link” you with the donor you have selected, all medical expenses are paid to the clinic directly, including the costs of medications. If your donor is not local you may have additional costs for testing and monitoring ordered by your clinic, expect minimally 2-3 monitoring appointments.

Link Fee – $6500 (to be paid at the time your donor is officially assigned to you)

Donor Fee – $10,000 for first time donors OR $12,000 for proven donors

Insurance Fees – $230 in MA (this may be charged as a medical expense by your clinic or the Intended Parents responsibility managed by Fertility Link)

Legal Fees – $1500 (the attorney fees to draft egg donor contract, roughly $1000 for IP’s attorney and $500 for donor attorney.)

Travel Expenses – $500 to cover transportation for local donors, within a reasonable distance to your clinic. Or $5000 to cover travel and expenses for the initial donor screening visit (typically an overnight); and the second trip for retrieval (typically a week including the final days of monitoring and retrieval) for donors and a companion who will require longer travel time, accommodation and a food stipend.

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This experience is hard but so worthwhile. I know the family I helped to create is beyond grateful! Fertility Link was with me through every step of the process.


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