What Makes Egg Donation Appealing… Or Unappealing? Straight from Kate

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Here we are at the first installment the Egg Donor Experience from the donor herself, welcome back! During this post we’ll learn from Kate:

  • When she first heard about egg donation?
  • What made it appealing and/or unappealing to her?
  • What was going on with Kate that made her finally pursue egg donation?
  • What were the steps she took to find the right agency and get approved?

Time to Meet Kate!

I learned about egg donation years ago, and I always had it in the back of my mind that I’ve wanted to do it. I am pretty sure that I first saw an ad for it while riding the subway when I was a freshman in college visiting friends in Boston. The first thing that caught my eye was how much money you were compensated. However, it was also next to several other ads asking for participants for sleep studies and drug testing. It made it seem like they were being exploitive; seeking broke college kids who had student loans (I was taking the line that goes to several universities). It also made it seem a little less legitimate and more like Craigslist because it was mixed in with so many ads for so many different topics. I still always kept in mind that it could be an option if I needed money later in my life.

After graduating with a degree that I wanted nothing to do with, I was still trying to figure out what kind of career path I wanted to take. In the mean time I took a job that didn’t pay that well, but also was very flexible with time off. Because I still had to pay my students loans every month, I decided to look back into egg donation.

My first step was to simply type “egg donation’ into google. I visited the first few websites that came up and jotted down the names of the agencies. I first looked into how much each agency paid. I then went onto blogs and read posts from women who had gotten pregnant using an egg donor, and what agency they had used. I paid attention to what the women said about how they were treated during the process; if the agency was friendly, professional, timely in responding back to them, etc. The more I read about the process of donating, the more I became interested and set on doing it.

I found the whole process fascinating; getting to learn about your body, family history and genetics. Also learning about how the egg is retrieved and implanted, and the drugs that are used in the process. But most importantly I knew that I would be helping a family in need, and that is what ultimately made me want to go through with it. I filled out the form on the agency’s website and heard back from them about a month or two later saying that I was approved and what the next steps were.

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