Egg Donor is Matched – What’s Next?

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With more than 25 years of reproductive medicine experience as an IVF nurse, Connie Stark, of A.R.T. of Wellness, authored this post in Fertility Link’s Egg Donor Experience. She tells us what happens once a donor gets matched with Intended Parents. Connie talks about:

  • Becoming a Patient of the Intended Parent’s IVF Clinic
  • Maintaining the Donor’s Anonymity
  • Meeting your IVF Doctor & Discussing Risk and Complications
  • Building a Trusting Relationship with your IVF Nurse

You’re Matched!

The donor at this point becomes the clinic patient just like any other female patient that is scheduled to see the doctor. Because it is most commonly an anonymous donation, the donor is identified with a randomized number which is an FDA mandate. We discuss how throughout her cycle the connection of her name is more like a person with a number, in effort to always respect regulations and anonymity for the recipient.

The donor meets the physician for a consult when she receives a run down on how the protocol and procedures are done and what she can expect which also includes possible complications and risks. We encourage the Donor to take this time to ask the physician about any medical risks or concerns she has about donating effecting her own health.

The donor then meets with me. I have been interviewing Donors for over 25 years and what I have found most important is to “make it real”. Policies and procedures, standards of care are very important but re-confirming the decision of the donor and pursuit of EGG DONATION means giving an anonymous couple a real chance of pregnancy and PARENTHOOD! WOW …!!!

Building Trust

That’s MY JOB ..I work to establish a trusting safe relationship with the DONOR because I know the intended parents are trusting me with this relationship. I spend time ensuring that the donor really understands the responsibility and commitment it takes to proceed with a donor cycle. On behalf of the intended parents I relay the GRATITUDE and appreciation for such a generous gift of family this promises the Intended Parents. Connecting with the DONOR and nurturing this relationship is vital to both the donor and the Intended Parents.

I feel this is what seals the deal for her dedication and commitment without error, I am the bridge that connects the donor to the Intended Parents. I really enjoy this duel role. I would want someone to care as much if it was me on the other end.

About Connie Stark: Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of the journey, Connie Stark, RN,PCC will help you in whichever way you need. Connie’s mission is to keep the positive at the forefront through the fertility journey. Her focus is to fully support each person with understanding and compassion, while providing them a personalized plan to help them along the path to parenthood.

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