Fertility Link Process

Getting Started

Access to search Fertility Link donors starts by completing the online “Intended Parent Registration Form”. We’ll have you provide login details that are required to view and search on donors. We require this measure to ensure the information of our anonymous donors is kept private and available only to Fertility Link clients. From there you can search our entire database or select particular criteria to narrow your search.

For each donor, a limited donor profile is displayed online. Once you have decided on a donor, contact us so we may send you her complete profile including her medical history and that of the medical history she has provided with respect to her family (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and if the donor has any of her own children). The profile also contains photos, her social history and habits, academic history and some personal statements as provided to us by the donor candidate.

Once you chose a donor, we will contact her to confirm her availability and provide you our Fertility Link Service Agreement. Once the donor has confirmed and the agreement is signed and returned with the “Link Fee” your donor is officially “assigned” to you. We will send your donor’s name, contact information and donor profile to your IVF clinic for them to begin their donor evaluation. Once that is complete, we will refer you and the donor to independent legal counsel so that the egg donation agreement you will enter into directly with the donor will be executed, Fertility Link collects and holds the donor fee, travel and other expenses in a trust account and the retrieval process begins. Once retrieval is complete the donor is paid in accordance with the terms of the direct egg donation agreement and the balance of your escrow deposit, if any, is returned to you.

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This experience is hard but so worthwhile. I know the family I helped to create is beyond grateful! Fertility Link was with me through every step of the process.


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