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For Intended Parents, deciding on the right donor is not easy, it’s daunting, challenging and often feels overwhelming. We want to make the choice as easy and stress-free as possible. However we can help, let us know. It’s our goal at Fertility Link to provide recipients with a variety of educated, diverse, appealing donors. We have a highly selective donor vetting practice to ensure our donors are responsible, trustworthy and most importantly meet the preliminary standard of physical and mental health.

Fertility Link is not a medical institution, your fertility clinic will execute all required screening and testing to ensure your donor is a suitable candidate to begin the donation process following the FDA regulations.


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Words can not express how grateful I am to our egg donor. Waiting so long to be a mother made me question if it was worth it. There is absolutely no question. Our donor gave us the happiest days of our lives.

~Lori, SC

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