Fertility Link welcomes Intended Parents from all over the globe. As Third Party Reproduction is not as widely available to Intended Parents around the world as it is in the US, we understand the time commitment and financial expense it takes to build your family. International Intended Parents value the US’s high standards of medical care, the high success rates across IVF clinics and our strict donor screening.

Fertility Link will help you navigate all aspects of the third party reproduction process including identifying an IVF clinic, coordinating travel, legal referrals, and translation services if needed. We also have alliances with Surrogate agencies if you require a Gestational Carrier.

Choosing an IVF Clinic

Fertility Link is networked with IVF clinics located up and down the east and west coasts, ranking among the highest in safety and success rates. We will learn of any special requests, pertinent issues or communication/language requests to help you identify the right IVF clinic for you. We will then initiate introductions and endeavor to help reduce the wait time for an appointment when possible.

Travel Coordination

For Intended Parents using only an egg donor, it is likely you will need only one visit to the US for the initial appointment with the IVF clinic , preparation for the embryo transfer can likely be done in your own country and you will return to the US for the transfer. If you are using a GC and a donor. (Need more info from Allison)

Legal Contracting

As Fertility Link does not practice law, we cannot prepare any legal documents or agreements, however we have a listed of fully vetted, highly qualified tenured lawyers experienced in the practice of Third Party Fertility. We will furnish you the list and aid in choosing the right lawyer.

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