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How do I get started with choosing an egg donor?

Please complete our Intended Parents form to access our donor database, an email will be returned to you within 24 hours with a username and password link.

How long will it take from when I chose my donor?

Once you chose your donor, Fertility Link will learn of the donor’s availability and if she has any future block out dates that need to be scheduled around.  We will consult with you and provide you with our “Intended Parent Agreement”.  Once that is signed and we receive your Link Fee, we establish a trust account and then notify your clinic with your donor’s information and they will begin their donor screening process.  It’s typically a 12-week process from that point.

Where does Fertility Link find your egg donors?

We primarily advertise on the web targeting women of specific demographics and regions. It is our goal to recruit a diverse set of intelligent women who appeal to all references of our discerning intended parents.

What measures do you take to pre-screen your donors?

Foremost, we follow the ASRM’s guidelines for egg donors. We hold an in-person or video call with all of our donors to get to know them on a personal level, understand their backgrounds and motivations. We meticulously review the profile information they provide to Fertility Link with tenured fertility healthcare professionals. Educational records are confirmed and we provide our Intended Parents a complete Genetic Counseling Ovum Donor Summary from a licensed and board certified genetic counselor. This document can be an invaluable reference to supplement your child’s medical records.

What if I chose a donor who lives in another state?

This is very common. The donor you chose will have to travel for the initial clinic screening at your clinic, most everything can be handled remotely, the donor will start medications from her home with some monitoring appointments done local to her, provided the clinic allows for off-site/local monitoring. Your clinic will get all the results and decide the date she will need to travel to your clinic for final monitoring appointments and the retrieval. An estimate of travel expenses will be handled in advance by the Intended Parents and deposited in a trust account. You will be reimbursed the balance of the account, if any, when it is closed out, approximately a few months after the retrieval.

Are all donors anonymous?

Historically the donors and Intended Parents matched through agencies have been anonymous however, times and attitudes around anonymity are changing. If IP’s are interested in meeting the donor they chose, the donor will be asked if she is willing to meet the Intended Parents. If she is, Fertility Link will facilitate a meeting with both parties. The meeting is typically a telephone or Skype/video call organized and monitored by Fertilty Link. If donor is not willing to meet the Intended Parents at the time of the egg donation but the intended parents have an interest in possible future contact between donor and any children that result from the donation, Fertility Link will discuss such future contact with your chosen donor. If you and your donor agree to become known, at the time of the donation or in the future, this will be explicitly addressed in that direct agreement Intended Parents will enter into with their chosen donor.

What are the legal documents involved?

Intended Parents will sign an “Intended Parent Agreement” with Fertility Link which will outline the services to be provided by Fertility Link and will also detail the fees to be billed for agency services. The other legal document is an “Egg Donation Agreement” drawn up by the Intended Parents attorney and signed by both the Intended Parents and the donor who will have her own legal representation. Fertility Link is not a party to this agreement. The Egg Donation Agreement addresses the relinquishment of rights, including parental rights by the donor, acknowledges that the Intended Parents are to be recognized as legal parents and specifically details the terms of the egg donation match. The general cost for the documents and representation is $1500 total. $1000 for the Intended Parents attorney and $500 to the Donor’s attorney. All legal fees are paid by the Intended Parents.

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