Criteria for Becoming an Egg Donor

  • You are between the ages of 21 and 29
  • You are a US citizen or legal resident currently residing in the US
  • You are in good health, your BMI is between 18-28 (Find My BMI)
  • You are a non-smoker, social drinker only and do not use illegal drugs
  • You are currently not using any psychoactive drugs such as those used in depression or ADD/ADHD
  • You will take the necessary time off from work and/or school for donor screening and monitoring appointments, informational sessions and the final egg retrieval totaling 8-12 total clinic visits
  • You have knowledge of family medical history including siblings, parents and grandparents

As an egg donor, you are willing and able to participate in the following steps of the screening process:

  • FDA required medical history review & physical examination
  • Ovarian reserve testing
  • FDA required risk factor assessment
  • FDA required infectious disease testing
  • Genetic counseling & testing
  • Psychosocial evaluation
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