The First Donor Conversation

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Trust is Key

My First Donor conversation is all about TRUST!! I have found that building a trusting relationship is key to ensuring the donor is engaged to her commitment to the Intended Parents.

I really try for us to get to know each other personally and professionally, this makes the journey for the donor safe and reassures her that she is appreciated for who she is and not just for her eggs!

It’s really important that I take as much time to discuss the risks and possible problems that may arise. Ovarian reserve, STD testing and genetic testing can get tricky as the unknowns get discovered. We also talk about resources if information or results surface which can be alarming to the donor and disqualify her from being an egg donor as well as impact her life, this would include: information from Family / personal histories, or results from the physical exam, or if the donor travelled to a high-risk Zika location. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or big bloated tender ovaries is a usual physical side effect that is often experienced throughout the cycle. Education and supporting the donor to be proactive in managing side effects makes for a smoother, more manageable cycle. I encourage self-care during this time is very important as the cycle gets closer to egg retrieval.

From a fertility perspective, I review the fertility screenings to understand the donor’s ability to produce eggs through a pelvic exam and blood tests to measure a donor’s ovarian reserve. We then review the results with the donor.

Making it Real

Making it real is key to success. We discuss all aspects of appointments, nightly injections, and understanding that balancing life can get overwhelming. When the facts are discussed and understood the donor feels empowered to be her best throughout this very important journey and commitment. Once we review all of the risks, confirm the expectations, and address all of her questions; the donor is usually very motivated, appreciates the trusting relationship I have fostered, and the cycle outcomes are successful for ALL!!

About Connie Stark: Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of the journey, Connie Stark, RN,PCC will help you in whichever way you need. Connie’s mission is to keep the positive at the forefront through the fertility journey. Her focus is to fully support each person with understanding and compassion, while providing them a personalized plan to help them along the path to parenthood.

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